Tuesday 14th of July 2015 12:00:00 AM

Website Development and New Sports!

It’s been a while since my last blog post, as you may have noticed the site has undergone some significant changes. Most notably, the site is now not only focused on Soccer trading cards, also in the database are collections for Baseball, Basketball, American Football and Hockey. I have started by adding in the most recent releases for all of these collections, there are about 130 different collections on PriceGuide.Cards now with a total of almost 400,000 different cards.


The other big changes have been the revamp of the charts on the home page. New features include:

•    Zoomable charts
•    Interactive tooltips
•    Summary statistics below the chart
•    Legend
•    Social media integration
•    Image export for posting on forums


In response to such great feedback I received for the post I did on estimated short prints in the Panini World Cup Soccer I am developing a tool for use on any collection that can do this function.

Stay tuned for futher developments of PriceGuide.Cards


Written by Tom
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Feedback Priceguide