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Thursday 19th of November 2015 12:00:00 AM

New Wrestling Card Price Guide

Hello Everyone,

The latest addition to PriceGuide.Cards is Wrestling.

The coverage is limited at the moment but soon it will expand to cover all the WWF, WWE Wrestling cards ever produced.

I'm looking for other people in the trading card community to get involed with this price guide. I'm no wrestling card expert my forte is Soccer cards, so get in touch.

I've deciced to kick off with two classic sets by Topps. Appropriactly the first set was the first to be licensed by the WWF - 1985 Topps WWF Pro Wrestling Stars. Following it up two years later is 1987 Topps WWF.

Now that the WWE has distanced it's self from Hulk Hogan it looks like dedicated insert sets of his will become a thing of the past. Keep watching these early Hulk Hogan cards for price rices.




A number of more recent wrestling collections have been included you can browse through these on the home page search tool or check out each collections indivdual page here.





Written by Tom
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