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Trouble with uploading card photos
I have really enjoyed using this site to enter and gain analytics on my cards, so much so that I have come to the point of wanting to upload my cards to my portfolio complete with the card fronts and backs. Every time I go to do this, however, I upload the file, crop the photo, and hit submit, only to be met with a screen reading "Internal Server Error 500" or some other sort, any insight as to why this may be happening?

WolfWaffle24 shared this idea 25/09/19 15:36
Tom 26/09/19 04:05 flag comment
Hi WolfWaffle24, thanks for letting me know about this. This has now been fixed. Many thanks, Tom.
WolfWaffle24 30/09/19 16:54 flag comment
I am still having the same issues, could there be something I am doing wrong?
Tom 01/10/19 02:53 flag comment
Hi WolfWaffle24, can you get in touch with me at [email protected] and send me some of the images you are trying to upload along with which browser type and version you are using. Many thanks, Tom.
WolfWaffle24 02/10/19 05:38 flag comment
Hi Tom,
I appreciate greatly your expedient responses to my issues. I never considered switching browsers until you mentioned it in your last response. I was using Edge previously and the portfolio never finished analyzing my cards and was giving me the error this thread was about. Switching to Firefox has solved the problem, again I thank you for your time troubleshooting my issue.
Tom 02/10/19 06:45 flag comment
Hi WolfWaffle24, thank you for the update. I have found the problem, it was something unique to the Edge browser. I have implemented a fix for this but still suggest you carry on with Firefox or Chrome. Edge and IE are troublesome to develop applications for. Many thanks, Tom.