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Create IOS Application
Create IOS Application

Tom shared this idea 10/08/17 09:07
Rolfco 28/07/18 13:42 flag comment
Johng86 04/01/19 06:11 flag comment
I like the way you're headed with this app I've searched the internet over and over Play Store everything you know this is. The potential to be the best thing out there you know what I mean for being free so just put your head down and get to work. Alright here's a big part of my dilemma when I go to add a card one time I go down and it says search for a card but then the next time I go down it says get the pricing for it so you need to make you know what I mean you need to make it clear I want to do this and it does it there's a lot of like you know is it going to work for me this time or not so let me hear back from you when you try to upgrade it and I'll let you know how you doing bud keep up the good work thanks
ScottHefty 14/05/20 05:57 flag comment
This would be a game changer. Please think about this
draaboulhosn 30/01/21 23:09 flag comment
MRL87DUDE 03/02/21 06:23 flag comment
I would love to have my collection at my fingertips... Not only to see if I have a card already. But also to see what the value of a card is when I am looking.. This would be awesome for iOS users!

P.S. If you need a beta tester let me know.. I love getting into the testing phase and basically run my phone and Apps on Beta if possible.