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Drag-and-drop ranking and/or simple alphabetizing of collections?
As I've been adding to my portfolio, it wasn't always in alphabetical order, so now I have Topps above Bowman, Upper Deck between those..

Just as I'm sorting out my card, I'd like to be able to drag and drop/alphabetize permanently or sort by name temporarily in the Collections view to go from Bowman to Donruss to Fleer to Leaf to Pinnacle to Score to Topps to Upper Deck - and because I have the year (91, 92, 93) at the end, it would then be sorted by year.

It's just more of a convenience thing when searching for added collections.


rgdraconic shared this idea 01/08/19 23:05
Tom 02/08/19 02:50 flag comment
Hi rgdraconic, thank you for your idea. I think you are are referring to the collections management page, I will add the option to sort the table by the name column and the two card count columns. It will auto sort by name A-Z on first load. Many thanks, Tom.
Tom 02/08/19 02:51 flag comment
I will also add a search tool for filtering the list on collection name.
Tom 02/08/19 10:01 flag comment
Hi rgdraconic, this update is live on the site now. Many thanks, Tom.