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Adding to collections: last created/accessed category default?
When adding to a collection, it always defaults to the very first collection I made - which is Loose Cards. My request would be for if you create a collection on the Card Search page, and you continue to add cards in that collection, it should be the default for adding to collections, not the first collection ever made. It's just one more click that I have to do to add cards. If it were automatically set to whatever I just made (until I change it for another collection), it would be much much easier for large volumes of cards.

rgdraconic shared this idea 28/07/19 03:01
Tom 29/07/19 03:48 flag comment
Hi rgdraconic, thank you for your feedback. This is a good idea, I will implement it on the site. Many thanks, Tom.
rgdraconic 30/07/19 00:02 flag comment
One last idea that goes along with this one is I have my cards sorted by brand and year, which makes it easy for me to go in and add cards by number. A select all / checkbox per card, then a "Add selected cards to portfolio" would be very useful as well. ANd the user would be presented with Currency, Date Acquired, and Collection since Quantity, Price, and Notes may be different for each card. Then they can go into that collection and edit them as their leisure.
rgdraconic 30/07/19 08:22 flag comment
Haha, apologies, I didn't notice the glaring "ADD CARDS TO PORTFOLIO" button until tonight. Nevermind my 30/07 comment
Tom 02/08/19 08:54 flag comment
Hi rgdraconic, this feature has now been added to the site. Many thanks, Tom.