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Check mark
The ability to add check mark to multiple cards at a time to add to portfolio.

Time41 shared this idea 21/07/19 08:02
Tom 22/07/19 04:51 flag comment
Hi Time41, you are able to add multiple cards to your portfolio at once if you select a value for the Parallel drop down in the search options. Many thanks, Tom.
Tom 23/07/19 09:50 flag comment
Hi Time41, I have also added a new method to do this, if you load up multiple cards at the same time with the search tool there is a new button on the chart to add all of these to your portfolio at the same time. Cheers, Tom.
Tom 23/07/19 10:07 flag comment
This button is only available on desktop for now, I will add a mobile interface for it later. Cheers, Tom.