Sports Card Price Guide FeedBack

it has been 8 hours since i last added cards too my collection. the calculating portfolio card values has been stuck at around 50% all this time. is this normal too take a long time to calculate or is there something more that needs to be done. i have loads cards too add but am reluctant too take time in doing so if this feature is not working properly...…..thanks

Vakleaw shared this idea 28/04/19 00:03
Tom 24/07/19 02:40 flag comment
Hi Vakleaw. Sorry I missed your feedback comment before. This problem has been fixed for a while now. The portfolio is much faster than before too. Many thanks, Tom.
Mooman59 06/08/19 10:39 flag comment
I'm having the same problem.
Tom 06/08/19 10:43 flag comment
Hi Mooman59, thanks for getting in touch. I have just tested your account in debug mode and it is loading normally for me. I have just finished rolling out some bug fixes to the portfolio that might have been the cause of your problems. It should be fixed after a page refresh, please let me know if not. Many thanks, Tom.
Tom 09/08/19 09:59 flag comment
Some bug fixes and optimizations have been added today, the portfolio should running smoothly now. Please let me know if you encounter any more issues. Many thanks, Tom.