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saying thanks
Tom I have been searching for months online for a site that does what yours does. Besides the occasional error this site is a god sent. Now I can finally get the show on the road and price my cards and tell my husband it can be lucrative as he so is so opposed to my collecting. You are a miracle and thank you soooo much. !!!

tturner3 shared this idea 02/03/19 16:31
Tom 03/03/19 02:52 flag comment
Hello tturner3, thank you for your kind words. I hope you find some gems in your collection.
redneck 05/03/19 21:35 flag comment
yes this a great site. Thank you too all the people who made this site
DanielZuniga 06/04/19 17:35 flag comment
i am so thankful for this page. it goes down every once in a while but i cant complain. keep up the good work