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data not pulling anymore
I use the site a lot for players I collect, like Clint Dempsey and Christian Pulisic. Noticed that data that used to be there for sets like Immaculate (2017) isn't showing up anymore. Both players show no sales data for any cards from the set, even though it's definitely been there before

DCDeacon shared this idea 26/06/18 02:24
Tom 26/06/18 06:11 flag comment
Hi DCDeacon, the next site update will have the data for this collection included.
Cowboy57 01/07/18 01:09 flag comment
I entered1979 topps, car444 Wayne Morris/ Valued at 207.15,when entered data base it only valued at 1.00, do you know why, all entered from 1979 values were different than the data base it showed.
Tom 03/07/18 04:29 flag comment
Hi Cowboy57, there was an error on that chart, this has been corrected now, thank you for pointing it out to me. Also by default the first average show is for all graded and ungraded cards, I think you may have added the card ungraded to you portfolio which is why you have that price. Cheers, Tom.
Malcolm53 04/10/19 20:52 flag comment
I'm having the same problem, I enter for a card search and I get "Card not found" I tried entering a card I already have uploaded and get the same message.
Tom 07/10/19 04:56 flag comment
Hi Malcolm53, could you please let me know the details of the Search / Card you were looking for and I will investigate for you. Many thanks, Tom.