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Missing sets
Trying to search for cards i have in my collection but are not options for search and do not come up in search. For example 2015 Topps Update, 2002 Topps, any Topps Update set, and a few others I can't remember at the moment.

cardenas76 shared this idea 14/08/17 05:16
Tom 15/08/17 02:28 flag comment
Hello, I will add these collections in for you with the next update
Tom 17/08/17 02:54 flag comment
2015 Topps Update Baseball is now in the price guide along with previous Topps Update releases
HOCKEYRULZ 05/03/18 16:21 flag comment
Where are the Young Guns ?
Tom 07/03/18 07:34 flag comment

Can you be be more specific about the year and the brand name that you are looking for?

jamanda1980 29/11/18 23:46 flag comment
I have 1991 NBA Hoops cards that are not showing up.
MatthewWinters 12/12/18 03:46 flag comment
Can u get prices on 2012 in the game cards I have a Patrick roy between the pipes la belle province and a few other ones to but can't get price on them thanks
Tom 13/12/18 08:36 flag comment
2012-13 Between The Pipes Hockey will be in the next site update, with more ITG to follow. Cheers, Tom.
TheoHubenet 27/02/19 10:58 flag comment
Hi Tom, I just bought a PGI 10 Graded Casey Mize 2018 Leaf HYPE! #11 only 5000 made. I cannot add it to my collection yet because it looks like the 2018 Leaf HYPE! collection is missing?
Stvelis024 12/10/19 01:46 flag comment
Racing is missing the years of 1995 and 1996
Maxx, Maxx Premier Plus, Wheels Crown Jewels to name a few.
any update on when these will be loaded
thank you
Tom 17/10/19 08:45 flag comment
Hi Stvelis024, Thanks for you feedback. Collection for 1995 & 1996 Maxx Racing will be included in the next site update. This should be live before the end of the week. Other Racing collection are to follow. Many thanks, Tom.