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leader board
why is the leaderboard not working? i cannot access it.

rhunter13 shared this idea 17/06/21 01:46
Tom 17/06/21 06:53 flag comment
Hi rhunter13,

Thank you for pointing this out.

It has now been fixed.

Best regards,

rhunter13 13/07/21 17:51 flag comment
hello, good morning. I cannot access the leader bored. is there a problem? great site by the way.
rhunter13 14/07/21 04:20 flag comment
whats going on tonight? site is not working. no leader board informatiion. very slowwwww.
Tom 14/07/21 04:45 flag comment
Hi rhunter13, thanks for letting me about these issues. I am in the middle of fixing them it should be back to normal soon. Please bear with me. Thanks.