Sports Card Price Guide FeedBack

Pretty good site. Thanks!
Just wanted to let you know after a few hours of research that this is the most comprehensive card database site I've seen. Just wondering if this site is going to be kept up long term as I've been uploading a large collection here. My biggest issue is that when I log a card into my collection, that a picture of the card isn't automatically included and I have to upload my own photo when at least one already exists on the site. That takes a lot of extra time.

lkrs42 shared this idea 30/12/20 18:52
Tom 31/12/20 03:23 flag comment
Hi lkrs42,

Thank you for your feedback.

I'm glad that you like the price guide. Don't worry, this site will continue to be improved, it is just getting started.

We are building a marketplace that is linked with the portfolio. When listing a card on the market it requires photos of your card, these photos are pulled through from the portfolio. That is why we don't use existing images inside your personal portfolio.

If you have any suggestions for improving the image uploading UI / process please let me know.

Many thanks,