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add cards to a collection
I did a mistake with a collection and I delete it. After, I made a new collection with the same cards i try before. Problem is, the collection appears with no cards inside the collection. On the page where you can submit all the cards, to thing appears on the top screen, will not overwrite or will overwrite. It never appear before with my others collections, and I made a collection after with other cards and this message dont appear. The problem is only about the card that I delete before.

CJpop shared this idea 08/11/20 01:22
Tom 09/11/20 03:49 flag comment
Hi CJpop,

Thank you for your feedback.

Unfortunately as the warning message states "Deleting your collection data is permanent and cannot be undone".

I am not sure what it is you are trying to describe, can you please email me screenshots of the issue to [email protected]

Many thanks,