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Is there a way of eliminating cards that are not part of the sets. Prices are misleading because the cards are incorrect
Example 2017-18 Jonathan Towes #41. A lot of the cards shown are from his rookie year and that's what the price is reflecting. There are many more cards like that especially for newer sets.

CNPower65 shared this idea 13/10/20 21:02
Tom 15/10/20 10:03 flag comment
Hi CNPower65,

Thank you for your feedback.

I have checked the card you mentioned and it will be corrected with the next site update.

If you click on a dot on the sales charts it brings up the option to submit a sale as an error.

Please let me know of any other errors you spot.

Many thanks,

CNPower65 23/10/20 15:37 flag comment
I just went through most of the upper deck 2017 base hockey set and submitted many sales as errors because many of the cards were incorrect. The problem is that this task is too tedious and time consuming. There must be a better system to differentiate the correct card from the incorrect cards. With all the submissions I put in the value of the set went down drastically.