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Intrpdicong Filters And possibly Tags
Iam missing some convinient filters for example to sort my collection for something specific, lets say Team, year, Auto, Auto and Patch, Patch only.

As some sort of "workaround" for this it would be atleast great to add a card to multiple collections.
For Example we can create multiple collections so i could create one that is named Autographs and have all the Cards with Autos there. This could be done with whatever Like Teams or Positions(QB).

But right now thisvö means going to the search and adding the same cards i already have added tovmy main collection Again. Wich is tedious to say the least as it will also have no uploaded pic in the new "collection.

MonyTontana shared this idea 12/06/20 23:59
Tom 25/06/20 10:52 flag comment
Hi MonyTontana,

Thank you for your feedback.

I will add a new option to filter the table in List View by All, Auto, Auto + Patch, Patch.

Your work-around should be able to work now. In the portfolio there is an option to move a card between collections. Also, in list view you are also able to move multiple cards to a new collection at once.

When you move cards between collection folders like this, the images that you have uploaded will stay with the cards.

List View already has a filter for year. A filter for team names is planned later.

I will update you here when the Auto / Patch filter has been added,

Many thanks,

Tom 26/08/20 06:35 flag comment
Hi MonyTontana,

The filter in List View for Auto, Auto + Patch, Patch is now live.

Many thanks,