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Download issues
Within the past couple of days i hav3 not been able to open the export files from my groups I created, its coming up as an error stating file format or extension is not valid, up to this point I was able to access and move file in my IPad. An6 help or suggestions would be appreciated

Thanks, Scott Satter

Sats8162 shared this idea 14/05/20 23:42
Tom 15/05/20 05:13 flag comment
Hi Scott Satter,

Thank you for your feedback.

Can you please test this again and let me know if the problem still persists, I fixed a bug relating to the export function yesterday.

I have just tested on my account on desktop, android and apple. The csv file is exported as expected.

Many thanks,

Sats8162 31/05/20 13:13 flag comment
Thanks for responding, I tried to download one of my files without success, I tried to view it and error message came up, I also tried to open it in Office with a corrupt file error message. I’m performing all of these functions on my IPad; I could move each folder around initially( I copied over to my Numbers app to customize the file to my specifications), recently I can’t move to Numbers or Office apps, same error messages are popping up when I try to open exported file from your web page, sorry to cause these problems, Scott Satter
Tom 01/06/20 03:52 flag comment
Hi Scott Satter,

This should be working correctly now, there was an issue with apple software.

Many thanks,

Sats8162 05/06/20 10:31 flag comment
Thank you for your time and efforts, it’s working like I had initially

Scott Satter