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Export to Excel card Market Values
I would LOVE if the EXPORT feature could export the MARKET values for each card or player in our portfolio. Currently it only exports the COST but not the market value of each card. It is very useful for me because I like to compare my investments / card prices weekly or monthly. Thank you for the great site !

PatrickDoval shared this idea 04/05/20 20:55
Tom 06/05/20 06:16 flag comment
Hi PatrickDoval,

Thanks for getting in touch.

We decided to not have market values in the export spreadsheet for now, as it would be an attack vector for the many people who are regularly attacking the price guide.

I understand that this also impacts honest users of the website but, it helps to keep the site up and running.

By adding the line graph widget to your analytics section in your portfolio you are able to track the value of your portfolio over time.

Many thanks,