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It seems you can no longer do searches by card numbers or by entering more than 1 word. Seems this just started a couple days ago. Is this expected behavior by design? This site is great and I've transferred all my cards from Beckett. Next I'll be uploading all my card images.

awalmer74 shared this idea 20/04/20 15:38
Tom 21/04/20 08:07 flag comment
Hi awalmer74,

Thank you for your feedback.

It was not intended behavior. I have updated the portfolio so that you can now search by card number and and multiple word searches.

Many thanks,


awalmer74 21/04/20 11:08 flag comment
Thank you Tom
Tom 24/04/20 08:54 flag comment
Hi awalmer74,

The filter data search feature in list view has been further improved.

We have added filter status indicators to the top of the table for each filter applied. These are individually clearable by clicking the 'x' inside the status indicator.

Filters applied to the table through the filter data button are also no longer cleared after using the text input search box and then clicking the 'x' to clear your search term.

I hope this helps improve your experience with the portfolio.

Please let me know if you have other suggestions,

Many thanks,