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Wild Card 1992
Missing collection for 1995 Wild Card

CarolynRosenhan shared this idea 28/03/20 00:54
Tom 30/03/20 04:59 flag comment
Hi CarolynRosenhan,

Thank you for your feedback.

Are you looking for 1992 or 1995, also what Sport are you looking for?

Please let me know, then I will add it in to the price guide for you.

Many thanks,

CarolynRosenhan 30/03/20 12:33 flag comment
Footbal Wild Cards for 1992 and 1995
Tom 31/03/20 03:47 flag comment
Hi CarolynRosenhan,

1992 Wild Card Football will be added in with the next site update due on the 6th.

I am not aware of a 1995 Wild Card Football collection. Could you please email me more details of it to [email protected]

Many thanks,