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Image uploaded, but system doesn't think it is
I am using the List View to upload images. I've noticed that, on occasion, in Card View, the image is there, but hovering over it the only option is "Upload". Normally when an image is there and I hover over it I get two options: Edit and Zoom. If I then re-upload the image again from the Card View, it appears the system recognizes the upload. An example of mine is 1988 Topps baseball, card #499 (Eric King). Is the system truly not recognizing the initial upload? This is troublesome because it is sporadic. Thanks in advance.

user9876 shared this idea 21/02/20 08:58
Tom 21/02/20 09:32 flag comment
Hi user9876, thanks for letting me know about this. The images were uploading correctly it was a bug with updating the action buttons seen when hovering over the image after uploading - this has now been fixed. Please let me know if you find any more bugs in the portfolio. Many thanks, Tom.
user9876 21/02/20 19:51 flag comment
Tom - wanted to say thanks for the fix. Also, it looks like that may have improved the List View page. Before, when uploading images, the image would either change to the true image, change to text stating it was uploaded, or remain the original upload image (seemed to only happen on the back images). To see the true image you needed to log out, log back in and go to the List View. Now, it looks like both fronts and backs are updating to the true image as soon as you upload them. Thanks again!