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Which card are we pricing here?
Football - 1990 Score (base) - Looked up CHARLES MANN #101 = averaged price $32.09 - ....but Emmitt Smith's card's photo pops up not only for when you look up Charles Mann's card, but for all the dots on the graph as you move your pointer over the dots. So whose card is getting priced here? I run into this a lot with higher priced cards. * Also, baseball - 1990 topps Randy bush #747 - list for almost a thousand I think, ...well, George Bush (president) photo pops up. Which one carries that hefty price? Pretty sure it's Pres. Bush. And I get it, Bush and Bush? But it'd be nice to see it corrected. Anyhow, I think this would be a great "idea" or slot to easily get these cards where they belong. Genius program though! You've done a great job with this site of yours. And I also love that you've included sales info and dates ( these are very necessary details in deciding a card's value). Kudos!

letmesee shared this idea 02/02/20 06:37
Tom_Mod 03/02/20 06:51 flag comment
Hi letmesee, thank you for your feedback. For the Charles Mann card, the Emmit Smith sales should be in the Supplemental collection, they will be corrected with the next site update. I have already corrected the Bush card. Please let me know if you spot more errors like this. Many thanks, Tom.