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Frequently Asked Questions on PriceGuide.Cards

This website aims to offer the sports card collector the ability to get an overview of the secondary market card sales, and at a glance monitor how sales have been trending historically. The collector is also able to compare historical price movements of listed cards against each other. Sports currently included in the PriceGuide are Basketball, Soccer, Baseball & Hockey.

Within the significant amount of sales data provided from the online auctions it is likely that some cards may have been incorrectly named or described at source, and this in turn could result in an error/anomaly in the consequent assignment of the card's data feeding onwards into the Price Guide data and calculations.

PriceGuide.Cards is 100% free of charge.

None – this is a hobby commencing with providing a service on trends for football trading cards with the same service to be provided for other football cards to follow.

Items which have pricing are listed in black text in the results list and those with out are listed in a light grey.

Please send details of this (including the relavent chart link) to info@priceguide.cards

This site is evolving and further historical sports cards as well as new releases will be added.

When an auction sales price is unknown such as a 'Best Offer Accepted' listing these prices are included in PriceGuide.Cards through inference from other completed sales listings upon the condition that the margin of error is less than 10%.

Completed auctions that contain more than one card are identified into their individual cards, then if the database has values for each of the individual cards the auction price is proportionately split using the closest actual sales values of each card to the date of the Lot's auction. If an auction includes a card not in the database, or a 1/1 card, then it is unlikely that a proportional split of the Lot's value will be possible for inclusion in PriceGuide.Cards. There may be a delay of over 48 hours, from the time of sale, before lots are included.

  • All transactions of a particular card are plotted on the same chart. Use the tabs at the top of the chart to access the Archive feature (a chronological listing of sales relating to the cards shown on the chart). Click on each Archive entry for info on the corresponding card's sale - this may give helpful information as to why some card sales values are different to others.

PriceGuide.Cards box break chart displays the average expected value of only the autograph and memorabilia cards from display box content. Due to the variety of type and differing insert ratios of Insert Cards occurring within a Display Box, only the autograph and memorabilia relic cards have been included for now in the Box Break value purposes.

Only the autograph and memorabilia cards are included for now. Graded cards are also left out.

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