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Thursday 10th of May 2018 06:13:42 AM

Introducing the Free Card Portfolio Organizer


I’m thrilled to be telling you about some big news: PriceGuide.Cards has launched a portfolio tool for organizing and tracking the value of your collection with our trading card database – all for free!

The initial beta launch needs your advice and feedback to help shape this into the perfect tool for all collectors.

Some of the features in the new portfolio include:

  • No limits on the number of cards – so add in all your collection!

  • Free pricing data split by grading company and grade

  • Image upload tool to make a gallery of your cards

  • Customizable analytics

  • Optional public mode to show off your collection

  • Portfolio leaderboard

  • Quick search system

  • Messaging system to connect with other collectors

I will now take you though a visual guide of the feature in the portfolio tool.

Adding A Card To Your Portfolio

You will notice throughout the site this icon  has started appearing, clicking this is the start to adding cards in your portfolio. The input form below is what you will be presented with:

The add card to portfolio form has been designed to enable you to group together cards with matching grades, input fields you will find are:

  • grade company and grade value

  • quantity

  • your purchase price

  • date acquired (this is used later on for creating your portfolio value over time charts)

  • a collection name of your choice for grouping

  • a personalized note

After submitting this info you can head over to the My Portfolio section and see your card saved.

Presentation Options in My Portfolio

There are two main tabs you’ll see when visiting your portfolio for viewing card in your collection: List View and Card View

List View displays your data in a tabular format and Card View is more a gallery style of presentation. Card details, pricing options and display order of cards can all be controlled via settings in your portfolio.

Uploading Images

The new portfolio tool allows you to upload images of your cards to create a gallery that you can share with other collectors. The in browser tool allows you to crop your images before uploading and also has handy aspect ratios programmed in for standard card sizes.


The analytics section of your portfolio is completely customizable by you.

Widgets that you can display are as follows:

  • pie charts

  • bar charts

  • line charts

  • tables

And data you can display on these is from the following options:

  • number of cards

  • number of unique cards

  • average value

  • total value

Widgets can display data grouped by year, publisher, collection and sport, all widgets have the option of a second level drill down where you can dive even deeper in to your collection.

Public / Private Collections

In the manage collections section of your portfolio you can individually set the visibility of your different collection groups of cards.

Collections that are set to public can be viewed by other members of PriceGuide.Cards, however personal information such as the price you paid for your cards will always remain private.

Social Features

A variety of social features have been implemented into the portfolio platform, you can message other collectors and add friends as well as checking out the top portfolio leaderboards.

Your public profile is a place for you to showcase your favorite card and the collections you have set to public.

I hope you enjoy using the new card portfolio tool,



Written by Tom
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