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Friday 19th of February 2016 12:00:00 AM

Guide to Expected Box Break Values of Trading Card Collections

In addition to tracking the sales prices of sports trading cards, www.PriceGuide.Cards also tracks the after-market activity of expected box break returns for soccer card collections, providing collectors with important information such as the box's overall ‘Return on Investment’ (ROI) and actual sales values of autograph and memorabilia cards.

The goal is to help collectors make informed decisions about investment in various card collections.  

The Box Breaks page can be accessed from the PriceGuide.cards home page under the “Stats” section.   Click 'READ MORE' below to continue reading...

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This page gives a convenient summary of a collection's statistics in the trading card marketplace:-



No. 1:  Expected Box Value Breakdown Overview
Based on the manufacturer's insert ratios and actual sales values of the manufacturer's autograph cards, memorabilia cards and combo auto/memo cards from the associated collection, the overview screen shows the statistical average box value broken down across the different types of card.

For actual sales values of Autograph cards, Memorabilia cards and Combo auto/memo cards from this and other soccer collections, use the home page search functions)


No. 2:  Retail Price
The above information can be compared with the retail price of the hobby box [No. 2].


No. 3 Return on Investment (ROI)
The ROI column [No. 3] provides a convenient summary of ‘return on investment’ based on the original retail price of the hobby box where 100% is the breakeven point.  To personalise it for the price you paid a different number can be entered for your box price, you can simply hit the 'Re-Calc' button and your individual ROI and stats will be adjusted accordingly.


Expected Box Break Value Chart
The expected box break value page provides a historical summary of the selected box’s aftermarket value. The area shaded in green marks the price that is higher than the box’s original retail price. This feature helps users identify price trends of the collection.




Expected Box Break Value by Card Type Chart
The ‘expected box break value by card type’ page separates the value of the collection based on autograph cards, memorabilia cards and combo autograph - memorabilia cards.




Secondary Market Box Sales Chart
For collections where there have been whole box sales recorded on the secondary market an additional chart is shown that tracks the price they sold for over time. Secondary Market Box price movements can be incorporated within the expected return and ROI charts with a shareable link.




Return on Investment Chart
In addition to the ‘expected box break value page’, the ‘return on investment’ page shows, over time, a box’s return on investment based on only autograph and memorabilia cards that were pulled from the box.




PriceGuide.cards is a free service for collectors




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