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Welcome to PriceGuide.Cards!

This site is a combination of my professional background in Econometrics, Statistics, programming and hobby of trading cards. I've been working for around a year on this project and finally the time has come to launch.

Many people in the online community have been a help in developing my knowledge of card collecting and trading, and I would like to share back with the online community my background skills in order that PriceGuide.Cards can help everyone better grasp what’s happening in the market in terms of card trading values, trending values and other information and add to the interest and fun of building your collections.

Information provided is based solely on actual recorded online sales, and the website aims to displays these factual statistics in what I hope is an easy to read and understand format.

PriceGuide.Cards has a blog and I would appreciate your feedback in order that I can communicate with you all so this site can evolve into a more valuable resource for everyone.

PriceGuide.Cards updates daily (or as soon as I have time!), and new collections will be added as soon as their checklists are known and card sales are occurring.

PriceGuide.Cards is totally free to use, no subscriptions and no plans to ever introduce them!



September 2014

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Feedback Priceguide