Monday 5th of September 2016 12:00:00 AM

Introducing Sports Card Price Guide for Android

I'm excited to announce the public release of the PriceGuide.Cards Android application. An Android mobile application has been a highly requested feature and I'm very excited to showcase it to you here.



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Highly intuitive and user friendly, the new app has been designed to help you look up card prices as efficiently as possible and to give you a better experience on the move.

The starting screen of the application is the same icons you will be familiar with from the home page of PriceGuide.Cards. The scope of sports in the price guide has been continuously growing and now cover Soccer, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Mixed Martial Arts, Wrestling and Tennis.



Tapping one the the sports will take you on to the search drop down interface where you can narrow down your search based on a particular player or browse through an entire collection at once.


advanced search

Search results are returned in a list along with basic information about the card, an image of the card and an average price. Further clicking on the card with give you more detailed information on the card and a chart of the historical pricing. Graded cards are designated with a diamond shaped symbol and are not included in the 28 day moving average calculation for the line on the chart.


new search results


new chart


The Sports Card Price Guide mobile app also includes the Top 100 page that is featured on PriceGuide.Cards and the Box Break Page, both are in a condensed formated that makes for easy viewing on the go.



Will the Sports Card Price Guide support iOS?

Yes, absolutely. I am currently developing iOS version and will update you all as soon as it becomes avaliable.

Written by Tom
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