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Welcome to PriceGuide.Cards!

Launched in 2014, PriceGuide.cards is a top-ranking Price Guide, currently ranked No. 1 on Google for sports card values. The database includes baseball, soccer, football, basketball, hockey, MMA, wrestling, boxing, golf, non-sport, tennis and multi-sport collections.

PriceGuide.cards features card values from over a quarter of a billion recorded sales across 150+ Publishers worldwide.

Card values are based on actual card sales from the secondary market – not estimates.

PriceGuide.Cards is FREE to use.

Our services provide collectors a Portfolio tool to catalog their collection and view card analytics and charts to track values over time. Other features are Box Breaks with expected Return on Investment, ‘Top 100’ highest value card sales and Trending Cards.

Many people in the online community have been a help in developing our data and telling us what you - as a collector - want from a price guide service. We appreciate your feedback to help us continue to evolve our price guide services into an ever-expanding valuable resource.

In response to demand for an independent tier of service to provide bespoke/specialist content, some additional services will be offered as ‘optional extras’ at a nominal charge (launch 2021). We'll also be introducing an exciting new initiative and we look forward to sharing details with you.



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Feedback Priceguide